Rubies in the smoke - shine your light

www.rubiesinthesmoke was born out of my desperation as a creative over 50 years old surrounded by bone-broth quaffing Man Bun-wearers who can neither draw, write or take decent photographs. I was too old to work seemingly and too young to retire and feeling that there were fools to the left of me, jokers to the right..

But you can't keep an old punk or mod down for long and I know there are legions of my fellow creatives out there who need some way to connect, show what they can do and support each other.

A Millennial-free speakeasy will be coming to an as yet undisclosed location in the UK this year and I guarantee you - absolutely no sales funnels here but I will help you and always collaborate in any way that I can.

Join on this website as a member, post blogs, share anything interesting, take part in live chat. I grew my LinkedIn channel organically using music, art and anything intriguing, drawing on years of publishing experience, knowing what hooks the reader or viewer. Now I want to make a difference in this world and I hope you do too.

Be a shit stirrer.

Join the creative, neurodiverse Militant @thearmyoftheunsurried, Westeros-On-Thames, on Facebook, contribute to a rubies' collaborative Spotify list and stand together on LinkedIn. I'll post a link to what I hope will be a community page there.

We are legion.

Let's make ourselves seen and heard.

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